Thursday, July 14, 2011

Elie Saab Couture

Romance is the word for the Elie Saab Couture runway show. For his Fall 2011 collection, Saab begins with ice blue and moves to ivory, peach, dusty mauve, midnight blue and back to ice with a single triumphant wedding gown I loved it to bits.

Elie Saab prioritizes the flattery of a woman's body as every dress emphasizes that hourglass figure all females long for. From long sleeves and deep plunges to boat necks and single-shoulders, he has experimented with many modern silhouettes while keeping it real a.k.a his ladylike aesthetic.

The models were adorned in lace scallops and flower beds of rosettes for mesmerising visual texture. Even his above-the-knee dresses (which I loved most of all) teased the eye with surrealism.

Many find Elie Saab to lack that creative dramatic flair, even with that predictability of his shows with pretty dress creations like this predictability or not he shows us why we all love fairytales.

Thanks to style bistro for the pictures

p.s this post is dedicated to a very special friend of mine.

Cioa xx

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  1. love the Elie Saab Couture Collection. I was actually going to post some pics from the collection, but you beat me to the punch! Following. ;)