Thursday, August 11, 2011

Well Rested...Rebecca Minkoff

As many of my readers know I have just spent a week on holiday and was away from the blog due to the extreme workload but I would like to announce that I am well rested and will be posting frequently again, "always leave them wanting more"- I don't really know who said that but it popped into my head. Exams start tomorrow and I ask myself am I looking forward to them? Hmmm I am well prepared...Who saw the Rebecca Minkoff Fall 2011 Collection? I DID! haha so here is my opinion on it and a few pictures of my favourite garments. If there is anything I love it is street style fashion, most people lack that sense of style and end up looking like clowns(the sad ones) but Minkoff captured the very essence of a 'cool' girl in this collection. From a metallic twill bomber with leather sleeves with drainpipe pants that have snakeskin patches on the knees to the ever so classy sweeping dresses in watercolor patterns with and sweaters that t ease the eye with a glimpse of the shoulder. I LOVE IT! Below are my favies hehe!


P.S if you can't see perfection inthis collection raise your fashion taste haha I am just saying...

Ciao xx

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Been Missed

EVENING FASHION JUNKIES! Just over a week that I have been gone, but as you know from my previous posts I am back at school so I have been really busy with the studies, infact I cut my study session by 15 minutes just to write this post hehe aren't you lucky...Also I have received many e-mails from readers wondering where I have dissapeared to...I have not dissapeared, I have just been occupied so in the mood of 'being busy' I will keep this post short.

Long weekend here in South Africa so I will be heading to the coast to soak up some sunshine in the wait for Spring! With holiday comes SHOPPING thus creating a nostalgic feeling of Spring Couture earlier this year...I am just going to post pictures of my favourite items by Alexis Mabille, but I promise to add my opinions on each later on.

It is creations like these that are a constant reminder to why I love Fashion and Couture so much...

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Ciao xx

Sunday, July 24, 2011


Happy Sunday all my Fashion Lovers, even though it is more of a sad Sunday because it is back to school tomorrow grrr, ha ha I had a busy and much needed weekend so I wont do much complaining tonight. Okay so for those readers who know me will know that I am not into mens fashion, my obsession lies in female clothing ha ha but this post is about menswear SHOCKING I know; well just see the pictures below and you will see why I have posted this...So da da da daaaaaaa LOL This is my first menswear post and will most likely be the last. These are the next few items that I want to add to my collection all designed by Gucci surprise surprise one of my favourite fashion houses. Look below these are the items I wish I had right now!!!!! I will start head first and work my way down.

Cashmere Beanie

The elegant clean white t-shirt

The sophisticated knitted sweater

The chic scarf (I LOVE scarves)

The amazing skinny

The beautiful driver

I really want these items before the year is over haha I can pull this look off!

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Ciao xx

Friday, July 22, 2011


Soooooo like it is back to school, back to the books and (uhgg) back into the uniform. I make the uniform work for me (hehe yes that was a bit of vanity) but it is true, you can't imprison my fashion expression (and that was the rebel in me)!!!! Inspired by the uniform I decided to post about a bit of a 'foramal' Winter/Fall look.

Allison Blouse

Silk DKNY skirt, dare I say more...

Gucci Python Clutch

Alexander McQueen Titanic Ballerina Pumps

Hope you like, why not pop a comment on your opinion of this look, do you think it works?
I guess this post turned out into another style guide haha.

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Ciao xx

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Fashion Alert

It breaks my heart to go out and see people wear terrible clothing and then to have the nerve to walk around like they look better than everyone else! (YOU ARE NOT FOOLING ME), Pffft! It is Winter my fashion addicts and this is the one season we can all go crazy, experiment and dress to kill with the variety of clothing choices we have this time of the year...So here I have selected a few items to fix up and improve any shabby look you may have going...Pride ourselves in the way we look. "When we look good, we feel good. These are the fundamentals to emotion in fashion"-Shizi, being that said these items are amazing haha I love them and I think most people can pull the look off.

This elegant white ruffled jacket will give you a clean and edgey look while keeping you warm.

Why not colour block the white jacket with jet black skinnies to give you a sophisticated casual look...

Now have this t-shirt peeping through your white jacket against your black skinnies and we have the STATEMENT, this will stand out I assure you.

Refined rebel? I sure am, so be sure to add these rings to your look.

So the above, I leave you with...Follow these tips and you sure to be the one leaving a lasting impression..."Dress shabbily and they remember the dress; dress impeccably and they remember the woman."
— Coco Chanel. Best said...

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Ciao xx

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Just Cavalli Resort 2012

Hello to all my fashion addicts! I have just seen the new collection and I say PRACTICAL AND BEAUTIFUL. In the new resort collection for the Just Cavalli line of the brand, Roberto Cavalli has mastered outfits for all occasions. So let me take you through a few of my favourite pieces from this gorgeous collection. I sense 60's inspiration hehe, I see most of my friends buying this collection, it is contemporary and youthful. The contrats of studded biker jackets with bold colours and skinny jeans are chic and bold statements. They say a picture says 1000 words, so you decide on what you think of the collection, below are my favourite pieces...

Thanks to for the pictures.

I will update this post at a later stage with more of my opinion, I want to see what you think first of this collection so feel free to drop a comment...

Ciao xx

P.S this post is homage to Fashion Girl.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Inspiration...Chanel Haute Couture 2011

Hmmmm...Inspiration we all need it, thrive on it and use it to our advantage. Inspiration comes from many things such as a simple colour to a breath taking scene of the Himalayas. For the fashion world I have to say it is Madame Chanel the epitome of elegance, class and sophistication(my three pillars to life). I watched the Coco Chanel Haute Couture Show recently and I must say in all honesty I fell inlove with the collection, such flair, experimentation and homage to Chanel.

Armani Prive was running with the obsession of pants, Karl Lagerfeld(LIVING LEGEND) threw something completely different at our faces with this collection. THE SKIRT HAS RETURNED TO THE WORLD OF FASHION! Maxi or midi, slim-line or fish-tail, every outfit had a skirt.

Lagerfeld made good use of suits that had the peplum-over-narrow-skirt silhouette with structured double row buttoned jackets. A hefty use of tweed as well as shimmery material. Black, white and gray ruled the runway, but what left me tearing in pure bliss was the veils across the models eyes! Chic and FAB! I do admit it has an extreme retro and vintage feel but it is homage to madame and there are critics out there of this collection, obviously they don't understand what haute couture is all about.

Ciao xx

I know it is a bit late to post about this show I just had to add my view! Hehe :P Fashionably late!

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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Christian Dior Haute Couture Fall Winter 2011/2012 Paris Fashion Week

The collection designed by Dior’s new creative director Bill Gaytten and his assistant Susanna Venega was shown in extravagence at Paris Fashion Week. The collection could be best described as sophistication with a population of colour. Flamboyant prints were all the eye could see in the haute couture collection called ‘La Rose Moderne’.

Bill Gaytten channelled retro 70′s-80′s style with a modern finish (I salivated at the Post-Modernism he had going in this collection) a true genius with a bright future as creative director. Brilliant colors, as well as soft pastels, were sewn into bold and eccentric patterns.

The variety of cuts and styles were fun and flirty. This collection exploded onto the runway and attained the sheer elegance and individuality of each piece. The tones were burning in reds, oranges and yellows that faded to blues, greens and nude shades. Pink jackets, 50’s inspired skirts, candy-hued dresses, architectural shapes blened with chiffon, bold make-up and big hair created sophistication I described the show with.

The grand finale(SPECTACULAR) was filled with fairytale gowns and had such a mystical aura like being awake but dreaming, very dramatic and I believe that's what one needs for the success of Haute Couture!

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Ciao xx

Friday, July 15, 2011


With the worst of winter passing soon South Africa is going to enter Spring(YAY)! What to do but prepare and plan our wardrobes for entering Spring. So I decided to dedicate this post to my South African viewers who will be easing into Spring.

Lets kick the maxi stripes into full gear.

How beautiful are the budding flowers in Spring? Extremely beautiful! So lets match the flora in neon colours.

Why not celebrate the liberation of the cold and full skirts and join the clique of chic Spring dresses.

Lets show our love for spring and go green with floral dresses that will leave everybody uplifted.

I forsee floor sweeping skirts in the malls during Spring and Summer so please darlings stock up soon.

The temprature will be rising so why not keep cool in cotton while looking absolutely stunning in your cotton shirts? Simplicity is key here people.

Want to look adorable? Be sure to have your sweeping bell sleeves ready to wear.

Finally as the title goes, 'Trans-Seasonal' im sure you can use the following at this point in time as the air still contains the icy bite of winter. Twinsets is what im talking about looks just like vintage(mmmm I love vintage).

This post is to serve as a guide to those who are approaching Spring and Summer be sure to follow this guide and we will see many people dressed to match the beauty and emotion of Spring, it is what I envisage for Spring.

Thanks to the following websites for the pictures :

Ciao xx

Thursday, July 14, 2011


I heart the Independent Fashion Bloggers community, just want to say thanks!! For all future and upcoming bloggers join international bloggers helping one another...BIG THUMBS UP!

Also i would like to thank FashionTV. I love FTV...My eyes are always glued to it, always filled with the latest and greatest can't live without it.

Tis Late so good night all you fashion addicts...

Ciao xx

Elie Saab Couture

Romance is the word for the Elie Saab Couture runway show. For his Fall 2011 collection, Saab begins with ice blue and moves to ivory, peach, dusty mauve, midnight blue and back to ice with a single triumphant wedding gown I loved it to bits.

Elie Saab prioritizes the flattery of a woman's body as every dress emphasizes that hourglass figure all females long for. From long sleeves and deep plunges to boat necks and single-shoulders, he has experimented with many modern silhouettes while keeping it real a.k.a his ladylike aesthetic.

The models were adorned in lace scallops and flower beds of rosettes for mesmerising visual texture. Even his above-the-knee dresses (which I loved most of all) teased the eye with surrealism.

Many find Elie Saab to lack that creative dramatic flair, even with that predictability of his shows with pretty dress creations like this predictability or not he shows us why we all love fairytales.

Thanks to style bistro for the pictures

p.s this post is dedicated to a very special friend of mine.

Cioa xx