Thursday, August 11, 2011

Well Rested...Rebecca Minkoff

As many of my readers know I have just spent a week on holiday and was away from the blog due to the extreme workload but I would like to announce that I am well rested and will be posting frequently again, "always leave them wanting more"- I don't really know who said that but it popped into my head. Exams start tomorrow and I ask myself am I looking forward to them? Hmmm I am well prepared...Who saw the Rebecca Minkoff Fall 2011 Collection? I DID! haha so here is my opinion on it and a few pictures of my favourite garments. If there is anything I love it is street style fashion, most people lack that sense of style and end up looking like clowns(the sad ones) but Minkoff captured the very essence of a 'cool' girl in this collection. From a metallic twill bomber with leather sleeves with drainpipe pants that have snakeskin patches on the knees to the ever so classy sweeping dresses in watercolor patterns with and sweaters that t ease the eye with a glimpse of the shoulder. I LOVE IT! Below are my favies hehe!


P.S if you can't see perfection inthis collection raise your fashion taste haha I am just saying...

Ciao xx


  1. Her work is always so very chic

  2. Wow "Shizis" you actually have some good taste, not bad..what about the trends for this summer?