Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Just Cavalli Resort 2012

Hello to all my fashion addicts! I have just seen the new collection and I say PRACTICAL AND BEAUTIFUL. In the new resort collection for the Just Cavalli line of the brand, Roberto Cavalli has mastered outfits for all occasions. So let me take you through a few of my favourite pieces from this gorgeous collection. I sense 60's inspiration hehe, I see most of my friends buying this collection, it is contemporary and youthful. The contrats of studded biker jackets with bold colours and skinny jeans are chic and bold statements. They say a picture says 1000 words, so you decide on what you think of the collection, below are my favourite pieces...

Thanks to style.com for the pictures.

I will update this post at a later stage with more of my opinion, I want to see what you think first of this collection so feel free to drop a comment...

Ciao xx

P.S this post is homage to Fashion Girl.


  1. My favorite is the first dress. Gorgeous...love the pleating...and the scarf on the neck. I saw a girl with a gorgeous scarf on today on the metro and I had scarf envy!

    btw, I love the background to your blog!

  2. I am loving the way the outfits are styled and the fIrst dress is gorgeous! : ) xx

  3. @ Peach thank you for the backround love, and that is my favourite too oh and the last one...Thank you all for the comments....

  4. Where can I buy those red pants?
    I love them!