Monday, July 18, 2011

Inspiration...Chanel Haute Couture 2011

Hmmmm...Inspiration we all need it, thrive on it and use it to our advantage. Inspiration comes from many things such as a simple colour to a breath taking scene of the Himalayas. For the fashion world I have to say it is Madame Chanel the epitome of elegance, class and sophistication(my three pillars to life). I watched the Coco Chanel Haute Couture Show recently and I must say in all honesty I fell inlove with the collection, such flair, experimentation and homage to Chanel.

Armani Prive was running with the obsession of pants, Karl Lagerfeld(LIVING LEGEND) threw something completely different at our faces with this collection. THE SKIRT HAS RETURNED TO THE WORLD OF FASHION! Maxi or midi, slim-line or fish-tail, every outfit had a skirt.

Lagerfeld made good use of suits that had the peplum-over-narrow-skirt silhouette with structured double row buttoned jackets. A hefty use of tweed as well as shimmery material. Black, white and gray ruled the runway, but what left me tearing in pure bliss was the veils across the models eyes! Chic and FAB! I do admit it has an extreme retro and vintage feel but it is homage to madame and there are critics out there of this collection, obviously they don't understand what haute couture is all about.

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I know it is a bit late to post about this show I just had to add my view! Hehe :P Fashionably late!

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