Friday, July 15, 2011


With the worst of winter passing soon South Africa is going to enter Spring(YAY)! What to do but prepare and plan our wardrobes for entering Spring. So I decided to dedicate this post to my South African viewers who will be easing into Spring.

Lets kick the maxi stripes into full gear.

How beautiful are the budding flowers in Spring? Extremely beautiful! So lets match the flora in neon colours.

Why not celebrate the liberation of the cold and full skirts and join the clique of chic Spring dresses.

Lets show our love for spring and go green with floral dresses that will leave everybody uplifted.

I forsee floor sweeping skirts in the malls during Spring and Summer so please darlings stock up soon.

The temprature will be rising so why not keep cool in cotton while looking absolutely stunning in your cotton shirts? Simplicity is key here people.

Want to look adorable? Be sure to have your sweeping bell sleeves ready to wear.

Finally as the title goes, 'Trans-Seasonal' im sure you can use the following at this point in time as the air still contains the icy bite of winter. Twinsets is what im talking about looks just like vintage(mmmm I love vintage).

This post is to serve as a guide to those who are approaching Spring and Summer be sure to follow this guide and we will see many people dressed to match the beauty and emotion of Spring, it is what I envisage for Spring.

Thanks to the following websites for the pictures :

Ciao xx