Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Been Missed

EVENING FASHION JUNKIES! Just over a week that I have been gone, but as you know from my previous posts I am back at school so I have been really busy with the studies, infact I cut my study session by 15 minutes just to write this post hehe aren't you lucky...Also I have received many e-mails from readers wondering where I have dissapeared to...I have not dissapeared, I have just been occupied so in the mood of 'being busy' I will keep this post short.

Long weekend here in South Africa so I will be heading to the coast to soak up some sunshine in the wait for Spring! With holiday comes SHOPPING thus creating a nostalgic feeling of Spring Couture earlier this year...I am just going to post pictures of my favourite items by Alexis Mabille, but I promise to add my opinions on each later on.

It is creations like these that are a constant reminder to why I love Fashion and Couture so much...

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Ciao xx

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